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What Is The Process Involved In Completing An Academic Dissertation?

For many students, writing an academic dissertation is a daunting task. Often, students are aware of what they are required to do for the written paper, yet not all are aware of what steps to take in order to begin the process. There are three steps that should be taken by students when they first begin writing their thesis. The first step is the planning. This planning will help to ensure that time lines are adhered to, that deadlines will be met, and that a quality product is produced.

A), Adopting a thesis. A student must first adopt a thesis that has been approved by the Undergraduate Studies Council (USC). B), Purchase a copy of the student's bachelor's degree. C), Review the university's database on original research papers and select one of the following three options: A) If the student plans to buy a copy of his bachelor's degree, then he must wait until his master's degree is earned. In this case, there will be a gap of three years between the bachelor's degree and the master's degree.

D), Rejecting the thesis. Students who have already obtained a master's degree or higher but who no longer hold an eligibility or authority to apply for a thesis degree are required to withdraw from the program. In cases of deliberate student withdrawal, the thesis may need to be revised. In cases of accidental withdrawal, the thesis may be allowed to proceed with correction provided that the correction meets the university's submission policy. In order for a student to correct his or her own thesis, the student must compile the necessary materials. The compiling process includes research and data compilation, a critical review of the thesis and any supporting materials (e.g., supplemental documents), and the writing of the final essay, if the assignment is a written thesis.

F) Template Message. The thesis supervisor will send a template message to the student in order to prepare the necessary materials. The message contains instructions on the format of the documentation. Sometimes it even contains information on how the student can prepare the necessary changes and incorporate them into the text. There are times, however, when the supervisor will not require the student to compile the necessary material.

G) Bimonthly deadline. The academic dissertation has a specific, set deadline. This is the extent of time allowed for completing the document. Usually, at least one additional year is allowed for degree candidates to complete their degrees in their first or second year of study, depending on whether they pursued professional degrees or certificates. For candidates who already have bachelor's degrees, an additional two years is allowed for completion.

H) Post-Doctorate deadline. The deadline for completing the academic dissertation depends on whether it is a Ph.D. or M.D. degree program. In Ph.D. programs, the thesis is submitted in the last year of the program, while in M.D. programs, it is usually the following year.

I) Dissertation Examination. The thesis committee consists of three members: the primary supervisor, an external examiner, and an anonymous reviewer. The primary supervisor is responsible for directing the writing of the entire dissertation, while the external examiner ensures that the language, style, and grammar of the dissertation conform to the rules of the university. Lastly, the anonymous reviewer is responsible for analyzing any aspect of the written communication and giving its critical review.

J) Final Year deadline. One year after the end of the academic year, the thesis may need to be reviewed and approved. If this occurs, the thesis will need to undergo a final review by the university's board of directors. Once the review is completed, the university will determine if the thesis is still eligible for acceptance. If the thesis is not qualified for acceptance, the option to re-submit it may be presented to the student in the spring of the following year.

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